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Two Ways WorkCover Investigations Can Save You Money

While most Queensland employers welcome the labour stability that WorkCover brings, they do run risks of having to shell out more money than usual for reasons that are seldom of their own making. The main causes are supervisors and employees not following health and safety rules, and fraud committed by rogue employees.  Read more here :

In these cases, the unfortunate employers are seldom there to witness the accidents or alleged incidents. When they try to investigate, they meet a stone wall of silence. An undercover private investigator can look behind the scenes, identify unsafe working habits, and find out what really happened at an accident. Under these conditions, WorkCover investigations can save you money by getting to the facts.

How a WorkCover Investigation Helped Avoid an Accident

An employer on a safety inspection in a light machine shop noticed that health and safety gear was in amost-new condition. When she checked her records later, she found fewer requisitions for replacements than she expected. Every time she spot-checked she found the equipment in use. Mystified, she asked a private investigator for their thoughts. 

Acting on their advice, she installed a covert CCTV camera. She found the machine operators avoided using the equipment when she calling on customers, ‘because it was bulky and got in the way’. She consulted, and replaced the gloves and safety goggles with lighter kit that proved popular. Covert WorkCover investigations can save you money as an employer, by helping avoid accidents and fines.

WorkCover Investigations Can Save You Money by Detecting Fraud

Another employer had a shock when a worker handed him a sick note one morning, and showed him a heavily bandaged arm in a cast. When he asked what happened, he learned the employee tripped and fell badly in the workshop the previous day. ‘Why didn’t you tell me earlier’ he asked. ‘I didn’t want trouble, I went to the doctor later,’ was all they said.

 The employer noticed the bandages were still clean and un-creased, and wondered how this was possible after sleeping in them. When he asked a private detective to investigate, he learned the worker had been partying at a local club all night, and waving their hands in the air without a worry in the world. The employee came clean when confronted with the facts.

 Our WorkCover investigations can save you money because you no longer have to pay compensation. If you would like to consult, please call QLD Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788, or post a message here.

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