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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Our commitment to your confidentiality

Your privacy is extremely important to us and we consider our client’s trust to be our most important asset. We will keep your information secure and will only use it as you would want us to.

Why do we collect personal information?
Qld Covert Investigations will only collect information from you that we need. Generally, we will need to collect some personal information from you to assist our clients to:

  • Service and administer their products, accounts and other needs;
  • Assess and process a particular application or request;
  • Investigate and assess any claim made under a policy or contract;
  • Administer a policy or contract;
  • Conduct investigations under common and statutory laws;
  • Perform due diligence and compliance checks;
  • To satisfy any legal requirements.

Our aim:

  • We will safeguard any information our clients share with us, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality.
  • We will limit the use of your information to the minimum we require to deliver you superior service and to administer our business.
  • We will not reveal your information to any external organisation unless we have your authorisation to do so, or are required by law.
  • We will always maintain control over the confidentiality of your information.
  • Whenever we hire other organisations to provide support services, we will require them to conform to our privacy standards and to allow us to audit them for compliance.
  • We will continuously assess ourselves to ensure that customer privacy is respected.

Information collected and stored automatically:

All clients’ files and documentation will be held in locked steel filing cabinets as is currently the case, and all video tapes/disk copies are also stored in a locked steel cabinet.

All computers in our office are protected against unauthorised access by a dedicated firewall, are password protected and all have virus protection software installed which is continually updated through our broadband internet access.

We may collect your personal information in various ways including, but not limited to, the telephone, during a personal interview, over the Internet or from other assessors, medical providers and professional experts.

Our staff are regularly trained to manage personal information strictly in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the associated National Privacy Principles.

Our offices are protected by CCTV and an alarm system which has back to base monitoring.

Disclaimer for QCI GROUP information

The client acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to ascertain and obey all applicable laws in their State & Territory in respect of the use of this Service.  The client acknowledges and warrants that he/she has obtained, or has had the opportunity to obtain appropriate legal advice regarding the use of this Service.  The client warrants that this service will be used for a lawful purpose only.  The client indemnifies Qld Covert Investigations against any claim, demand or legal action of whatsoever nature and wheresoever jurisdiction for the unlawful use of this service.  No warranty is given by Qld Covert Investigations as to the legitimacy of this service and persons or clients who rely on this service do so at their own risk.  To the maximum extent permitted by law, Qld Covert Investigations and its employees, officeholders and all affiliates are not liable for any claim, loss, damage, costs or expenses sustained or incurred by any person including the client, directly or indirectly arising as a result of the use of this service.  Qld Covert Investigations including its employees, office holders, servants, agents and all affiliates shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages from the direct or indirect use of this service.  Qld Covert Investigations do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage which may arise from any reliance on any information of whatsoever nature, obtained from the use of this service.

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