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How Cheating Spouses Get Away With It

Discovering one is living with one of those cheating spouses we thought we would only know on television, is horrible. The rug is swept out from under out feet. Our support systems are in tatters. Worst of all, our ego has taken a hard knock. We thought we would share knowledge gained from the cheating spouse cases we investigated, in case you find yourself in the same space.  Read more :

The Tender Trap: The New Normal of Cheating Spouses

We can get used to most things in life given time to adjust. Prison, or so we understand, becomes a liveable experience. Even in Aleppo as we write life goes on in a ‘new normal’ too horrible to want to comprehend. The survival of the fittest depends on the ability to adapt. Getting used to change is part of this.

Likewise, cheating spouses create new sets of norms we subconsciously learn to adjust to. Provided their lead story is plausible, we accept a new normal where they spend every Sunday at work. When we call them, we believe they are where they say they are. Things would be different if we checked their geospatial position. We don’t, because we want to trust them.

We also believe them when they say their sexual appetite has diminished. We rejoice with them when they tell us their company is sending them on a one-week training seminar at a hotel where they will be 100% heads down and unable to take calls. We want to believe them. We bend the truth until it fits our paradigm.

When a friend gives us a heads up they saw our partner with so-and-so and they ‘seemed very intimate’, we don’t have the nerve to challenge our partner. We know they will play ‘wounded animal’ and we will not be able to penetrate their defences. Our ‘new normal’ is accepting the reality of a cheating spouse in our lives.

Breaking Out of the Cheating Spouses Paradigm and Winning

If what we wrote sounds like you, then you could benefit from independent help to get your life back under control. The private detectives at QLD Covert Investigations are not part your cheating spouses new norms. They are able to investigate impartially, and discover what is really going on.

The evidence they provide will be admissible in court and probably sufficient for you to win the case. At the very least, you will be able to disprove your cheating spouse’s excuses. What you decide to do next is up to you. Call 1300 553 788 when you are ready to commission a cheating spouses case.

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