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Workcover Surveillance Investigation

As work cover surveillance experts, we know where to draw the line between images lawfully related to our investigations, and private space. [ Read more  ] 

Work Cover Surveillance and The Law

Private detectives and insurance companies often use videos and photographs to assess the true extent of insurance losses and worker injuries. This becomes input to decisions whether work cover and other insurance claims are justifiable or not. The WorkCover Agency has extraordinary powers when it comes to work cover surveillance. However, there are limits to what ordinary citizens (and private investigators) may do.

Things We May Not Do During Work Cover Surveillance

We may not trespass on, or force entry to private property. We may also not tap a phone, or remove any assets. There are also limitations to the nature of videos or photographs we may take.

As work cover surveillance experts, we know where to draw the line between images lawfully related to our investigation, and private behaviour where a person is entitled to their modesty. We also know our obligations under Australia’s Privacy Act when it comes to respecting personal information.

Video and Audio Records We May Capture During Surveillance

We may legally take photos and videos of a person we reasonably suspect may be committing worker insurance fraud. Naturally, we may not physically trespass on their property, or property they rent. Thus, we may only capture images of them going about their life, in order to assess whether or not the injury or impairment they claim is genuine.

We may also observe them away from their private property, for example to identify the medical provider, or their physical agility in a public park or on the beach. We have to be mindful at all times of the other people in their environment. For we have no right to intrude on those people’s privacy unless this forms part of our lawful investigation.

Reasons to Consider Professional Work Cover Surveillance

The ‘balance of power’ can shift radically when an employee suspected of work cover fraud realises an employer broke the law. They can make the situation difficult especially with union assistance. It just makes sense to ask for professional assistance from someone who knows the rules well.

QLD Covert Investigations goes about its business so quietly and discreetly that only our immediate family and close friends may know we are private detectives. We do not speculate. We investigate until we have undeniable facts. If you would like to explore this further, please call 1300 553 788 for an exclusive interview, or 0401 553 551 after hours.

Workcover Surveillance Investigation

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