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Investigation assistance for legal professionals, private and corporate clients.

Qld Covert Investigations offers a range of investigation services to members of the legal profession, and we’re happy to help whether you need a little assistance or you’d like us to manage multiple aspects of an investigation. We understand the importance of discretion and strict confidentiality in all private, commercial and criminal defence related investigations. Our services include:

General investigation and witness identification

Investigation, witness identification and location enquiries

An experienced Private Investigator can review the prosecution’s brief of evidence and conduct enquiries with a view to identifying witnesses and obtaining additional information or evidence that may assist in the defence case.

It’s not uncommon for authorities to fail to obtain relevant information from all witnesses during an investigation, particularly where the matter seems relatively minor or appears to be an ‘open and shut’ case to the officers involved. In too many cases the identities of potential witnesses are never obtained, witnesses are reluctant to offer information to authorities or leave the scene prior to the arrival of officers.

The matter is rarely trivial for the person wrongly accused or unfairly treated. Identification of a witness for the defence can make all the difference – not just to the conduct of the case, but to the accused individual’s future.

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Our Private Investigators are experienced in obtaining witness statements and conscious of the need for timeliness in these matters.

Investigation management

Complex investigations can be time consuming, particularly if there are expert witnesses to arrange, statements to be analysed, and civilian witnesses to be located and interviewed. Much of the time is spent calling and emailing others and recording the actions taken on the file. An investigation manager from Qld Covert Investigations can alleviate the burden by taking control and providing you with regular activity updates so you can be sure the investigation is on track. Outsourcing the legwork to QCI can leave you with more time to spend on case development. 



Covert surveillance can often establish the truth of a matter or motive in a way that’s hard to dispute. It’s not always an easy decision to instigate surveillance, particularly if individuals or companies involved are high profile. Rest assured that our surveillance operatives are experienced, diligent and discreet. For particularly sensitive matters we’ll meet with you to discuss and plan an appropriate surveillance strategy that will minimise the risk of detection.

Investigative services for businesses and individuals

You don’t have to be a lawyer to engage our surveillance or investigation services. We assist individuals and businesses with a range of matters pertaining to Court cases. Arrange a confidential consultation about your situation today.

Qld Covert Investigations  is government licensed throughout New South Wales and Queensland and has Investigators Australia wide.

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