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With the nature of our business we obviously cannot release the details of our Clients' testimonials. Our business is built on trust and confidentiality, however we can tell you some experiences and what our Clients think of us...(and we've changed their names/locations, of course).

I thought it might be nice to let you know that we had a good outcome although sad in the investigation you assisted us with.  My husband was trying to find his father and discovered that he had passed away. We were able to eventually locate his wife and Fredie  discovered he had a ½ sister.  They have met up and formed a great relationship and have been in constant contact sharing last xmas together.  I thought it would be nice to let you know a good outcome story.”
Edna, Sunshine Coast

“I had a feeling my wife was cheating on me when I went to work and the kids were at school, We did surveillance on her for 2 days and on the 3rd day she was caught on camera! My suspicions were confirmed, the team of Private Investigators at Qld Covert Investigations gave me the closure I needed to re-build my life.”
Bill, Brisbane

“My husband started working late and I knew something wasn’t right.  After a few days and nights of surveillance, Qld Covert Investigations soon discovered he was dating one of his clients; I then confronted him with photo and video evidence.”
Maureen, Gold Coast

“One of our staff was on a WorkCover claim and maintained that he could not work. His injury didn’t sit well with me. After the Brisbane Private Investigator commenced surveillance, it turned out he was working for our opposition and STEALING our clients. Thank you for your professional service QCI, you saved our business.”
Ronald, Shailer Park, Brisbane

“My ex-husband was claiming that he didn’t work so he didn’t have to pay child support for the kids. We did covert surveillance on him and, as it turned out, he was working 4 days a week and was being paid cash! He couldn’t believe his eyes when I showed him the video evidence; he had no leg to stand on! Well done to the Gold Coast Private Investigator that helped me.”
Carmel, Gold Coast

“The team at Qld Covert Investigations changed my life! I wondered for years if I would ever find my birth Dad and couldn’t believe it when they found him in another state. We are now in contact and my son finally got to meet his real Grandad! Thanks Qld Covert Investigations.”
Sally, Sydney

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