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Investigating Work Cover Fraud in Australia

The Australian government takes work cover fraud extremely seriously. The number of incidents is continuing to rise, and ultimately employers pay the bill. However, and perhaps more seriously work cover fraudsters are dishonest people. Employers should consider rooting them out before they commit more serious work-related crimes.

Recent Worker Prosecutions in Queensland Australia

1… A worker aged 23 was found guilty of 29 false travel claims relating to medical treatments. They repaid Work Cover $5,863, forked out $23,908 for prosecution costs, and logged 29 separate criminal prosecutions.

 2… WorkSafe QLD also reported the case of a 33-year-old worker who falsely claimed $750,000 damages for a work-related back injury. However, undercover surveillance proved they were greatly exaggerating this. The court ordered them to repay $28,330 prosecution costs, and revoked their right to continue with their claim.

3… A worker aged 43 received compensation for a disabling injury but returned to work. They were found guilty and ordered to pay $228,774 restitution after conviction. They are serving 6 months custody with the remaining 18 months suspended.

The Duty of Employers Under Work Safe Regulations

1… Employers have a duty to insure employees.

2… They must do so honestly and pay over benefits promptly.

3… However they may not conspire with employees to commit fraud.

4… Nor may they attempt to influence the content of medical reports.

It Follows an Employer Should Not Overlook Work Cover Fraud

An employer who suspects an employee is overstating injury, therefore has an assumed duty to take action by investigating. This is also in their own interests because as mentioned, fraud is often a sign of generally dishonest character.

However, the average employer is generally at a disadvantage, because they lack the experience, skills, and anonymity to follow through successfully. But a skilled, experienced private detective generally does.

How QLD Covert Investigations Helps Employers Protect Their Interests

QLD Covert Investigations can assist at short notice, if you suspect an employee is overstating a medical condition or injury. Besides why should you pay the same rate when their productivity is down because they are faking?

We have a team of experienced undercover investigators, whom your suspect employee has never seen before. And who are able to assume roles and disguises that make them appear innocent and harmless.

But they are neither of those. We equip them with state of art surveillance equipment and train them to highest standards. Call Australia 0401 553 551 anytime that suits, and QLD Covert Investigations will be there at your service.

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