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Surveillance Investigators in Australia

Private surveillance investigators provide confidential information they uncover, to government agencies, corporate entities and the public. This covers, but does not limit to fraud, mismanagement, accident investigation, occupational health and safety issues, family matters, child protection, missing persons, and personal backgrounds.

Control over Activities of Surveillance Investigators However, these ‘private eyes’ must comply with national, state, and territory legislation. For example, they are subject to Privacy Act 1988, and must respect Australian Privacy Principles under National Privacy Principles and Privacy Protection Act 2012. While these laws may not specifically mention them, surveillance investigators could lose their licenses if they infringe them. Most states and territories maintain private investigator licensing schemes granting them the following powers: • Setting the threshold requirement for obtaining licenses. This includes minimum age, major-offence-free record, and no history of bankruptcy. • Applying discretion over minor offences, public interest considerations, or failure to meet training and qualification standards. • Imposing sanctions for licensing infringements, employing unlicensed surveillance investigators, or disposing of licenses through sale, loan or gift. Private Investigator Licenses in Queensland. Queensland Government standards are similar to other state and territory regulations. They apply to all private investigators engaged in (a) investigating a private person without their permission, (b) carrying out surveillance over them, and / or (c) investigating missing persons. Eligibility Requirements Persons applying for Queensland licenses must be eighteen or older, have passed a specific training course, and not pose a risk to public safety. They may not have a conviction for prescribed offences during the previous ten years (or unrecorded findings of guilt in the past five) Application Process In order to apply for a license, applicants must: • Meet eligibility criteria, and have completed qualification training. • Complete and submit an application form after paying a prescribed fee. However, accountants, insurance companies, insurance adjustment agencies, and legal practitioners are exempt from this process. Those investigating grievances in the Queensland Public Service also need not apply. Minimum Qualification for Surveillance Investigators in Queensland All applicants should complete 5 core modules. and 11 elective modules of Certificate III in Investigative Services CPP30619 covering factual investigation and surveillance. Core subjects include: • Work effectively in investigative services CPPINV3026 • Develop investigation plans CPPINV3027 • Investigate and locate subjects CPPINV3028 • Provide quality investigative services to clients CPPINV3029 • Prepare and present evidence in court CPPSEC3124 Minimum Standards at QLD Covert Investigations We regard the above standards as the bare minimum at QLD Covert Investigations. However, surveillance investigators need more than that to work for us! We only consider those with proven track records in our industry. Plus a particular talent that makes them stand out from a crowd. If you help call the team of experienced professionals on 1300 553 788

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