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Types of Private Investigator Surveillance We Do

There are three broad types of private investigator surveillance a private eye conducts on behalf of clients. We describe what these are in this post. Please do contact QLD Covert Investigations on Gold Coast, Queensland Australia if you feel you need more information.

Private investigator surveillances are the bread and butter of our business, assisting private, business and corporate clients. We have affiliates and alliances throughout Australia. If you have a concern and need to know more, then we should be your go-to resource you can trust.

Three Types of Private Investigator Surveillance We Do

There are three broad types of surveillances we do at QLD Covert Investigations on Gold Coast, Queensland Australia:

  • Factuals: Interviews with key persons with direct knowledge that may add to our understanding of the case.
  • Surveillance: Our own direct observations of equipment, sites, and people who may have knowledge relating to the situation.
  • Desktop Investigations: Electronic research into data on computer devices, and on the internet especially social media.

At QLD Covert Investigations we believe there is no substitute for getting the facts and scrutinising them. Sure, this is no rocket science. However, with several decades experience we know what we are doing, and the evidence stacks up we are doing it well.

More about Private Investigator Surveillances

Many Australian homes and businesses have static security systems like video cameras, alarms and so on. However, their owners almost inevitably only interrogate these after an event, when the intruders are long gone. Much of our work is done in real time, making the information we gather more relevant.

There are also shades of difference in approach, depending on circumstances and investigation strategy:

  • SECRET VERSUS IN THE OPEN – Sometimes we need to operate under cover, for example when tailing an infidelity suspect, or work cover delinquent. At other times we operate in the open, chatting directly with people.
  • OPERATOR-DRIVEN VERSUS MECHANICAL – We can change the dynamics of a situation simply by being there. Employees pillaging company stock and assets will run a mile when they see a private detective. However, they are extremely unlikely to spot our strategically placed high-definition cameras.
  • FIXED VERSUS MOBILE OBSERVATION – On some occasions we operate over long distances, for example when searching for missing persons. However, if we are monitoring a remote computer from our office, then that’s another matter!

Private Investigator Surveillances by QLD Covert Investigations

Speak to the skilled operatives at QLD Covert Investigations if you need confidential private eye support. Back up you know you can rely on, and trust. Call us on 1300 553 788 if you need urgent assistance. Or post an email to our operations manager gm@qldcovertpi.com.au for a prompt reply.

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