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Choosing a Private Investigator

Private Investigator – also called a private eye, private detective and occasionally a private agent  too, is a person available for hire by individuals, groups and companies for the purpose of conducting investigations. These enquiries are often, but not always, from a legal angle and may be corporate investigations or private matters.

These detectives work professionally in a variety of different ways. Some operate independently, for example a Private Investigator Gold Coast based, or one operating elsewhere in Australia. Others are retained full time to carry out research for insurance companies and solicitors. At Qld Covert Investigations, we include the very best of these investigators among our staff.

Profile of Our Private Investigators

We choose our male and female Private Investigators prudently, not just in terms of experience and qualifications, but also in terms of the subtle differences that we expect. Some were previously police or military personnel; some have been in business themselves. All understand the importance of utmost discretion and confidentiality, and that their Client’s interests always come first.

 Our Commitment to You

When you hire a professional Investigator from Qld Covert Investigations, your guarantee is a registered professional who’s met all the criteria demanded by us. This means that he or she is highly trained and well experienced, and adheres to the highest ethical standards of behaviour. Moreover, our advanced background checks weed out anybody guilty of a serious misdemeanour or malpractice.

When you add our corporate presence of ten years and more, our state-of-the-art equipment and our satellite offices nationwide, you’ll understand why we are the Australian private and corporate investigations  firm that you can really trust.

Enduring Quality

Whether you require a Private Investigator Gold Coast registered to conduct straightforward Brisbane surveillance tasks, or a Corporate Investigations Specialist to carry out specialist research in Sydney, you can trust the Investigators from Qld Covert Investigations to show empathy and understanding as they go about their task of serving you.

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Public Registration

Leading Australian private detectives have been pressing Government to implement a consistent registration system nationwide, so that customers can confirm our bona-fides in a single place. To date the system is still fragmented as can be seen below:

  • New South Wales – The Commercial Agents & Private Enquiries Act (2004) is overseen by the NSW Police.
  • Our Brisbane surveillance specialists, Gold Coast Private Investigators and their colleagues elsewhere in Queensland are regulated by the Office of Fair Trading.
  • In Victoria, the Private Agency Act (1966) continues to apply, and is overseen by the Victoria Police.
  • Western Australia requires its enquiry agents and investigators to register with the Commercial Agents Squad of the Western Australian Police.
  • Licensing arrangements are still being finalised in A.C.T. Currently the New South Wales register acts as proxy.
  • In the Northern Territory, the Department of Justice is responsible for implementing the Commercial and Private Agents Licensing Act.
  • Investigators in Tasmania must comply with the requirements of the Security Providers Act (1993) as overseen by the Office of Fair Trading.


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