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How Corporate Investigations Unfold

Corporates, like families also have their problems. These may begin with a simple misunderstanding, but if left unattended can end up in expensive litigation. Differences may be between partners, across the boardroom table, or involve a front-line supervisor and an employee who brings an attitude to work.

Our advice to clients is to always nip these problems in the bud by bringing them out into the open, discussing the issues and resolving them. If they don’t, resentments can fester to the point where parties who consider themselves aggrieved take their revenge. Most of our corporate investigations begin after a precipitating event. Our job is to collect the facts impartially, and never to become personally involved.

Corporate Investigation Fundamentals

This principle is fundamental to the success of corporate investigations. This is because they often end up as litigatory matters and – if we are called to testify – we must be able to prove our motives were above board. This is also an obligation in terms of our association with the Australian Institute of Private Detectives (AIPD) to which we are proud to belong.

We continuously up skill our government licenced private investigators with knowledge of the latest methods and techniques, and the emerging body of court decisions that create precedents we must comply with. Their methods include holding conferences and conducting one-on-one interviews – but also more discreet surveillances using personal observation and electronic scanning.

Early Warning Signs that You May Need Help

An employee or business partner planning to let you down usually displays subtle behavioural changes as they hope to disguise their intentions, or create a diversion. If a key staff member with capacity do so displays an attitude shift that does not seem right, then it’s time to take a closer look at their sphere of influence.

This is when we recommend out clients consult us with the view to pre-emptive corporate investigations. Potential offenders are far less likely to suspect a skilled undercover agent, than you as manager or business owner. This is where we can team well as we combine your knowledge of vulnerable points, and our experience of bottoming out on truth without the target even knowing what is happening.

Queensland-Wide Corporate Investigations.

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