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Discreet Background Checks at Any Time

There’s an old saying in the industry that there’s no such thing as a confidence trickster or a card sharp without a pleasing personality. In fact, some of the ones we’ve nabbed in the past nine years have been positive charmers (until we caught them out, that is). It is however equally true that not all charmers are dishonest. If in any doubt, a QLD Covert Investigations background check can set your mind at rest whichever way the truth lies.

Background Checks On the Increase

These have grown in importance in recent decades, as people drifted to the cities and older, more intimate social systems evaporated. Chances are fair to good that your spouse, your boss and many of your colleagues were born elsewhere than you. Sadly, you can’t always trust a stranger. That’s where our experience comes into play, because we are independent and objective.

Investigations at Work and Business

Clearly the need varies according to the attendant risks. When appointing a company accountant background checks seem almost mandatory, whereas they may be unnecessary in the case of cleaners unless they work in sensitive zones. We sometimes retrofit background investigations because circumstances have changed, or there is cause for suspicion that something might be wrong.

Background Checks At Home

Most of our investigations fall into one of two categories. The commonest are where we investigate the bona-fides of anybody working with children. While we are sad that things have come to this we regard these as among our most important tasks. We are especially careful to be discreet, because in the vast majority of cases the teachers and the child-minders we checked proved to be reliable.

The other category of background checks we do concern intended spouses. These may be precursors to partnership agreements replacing marriage ceremonies, or in parallel with them. From time to time, a parent asks us to look into the background of the person their daughter or son is dating ‘just in case’. Here of course we have to walk on eggshells. If anything gets out (which it hasn’t yet) the fallout would be unfortunate to put it mildly.

Getting the Ball Rolling          

We mention these things because nobody likes to be investigated particularly if they are innocent, and QLD Covert Investigations only involves itself where there is fair reason to suspect. Should you find yourself in this situation please call us on 1300 553 788 or post a message. Our lines are open around the clock, and you are assured of utmost discretion throughout the background check should we agree to go ahead.

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