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Surveillance – The Picture That’s Worth a Thousand Words

It can be eerie waking in the middle of the night and finding your partner not beside you. You call out to ask but fall asleep waiting for the answer. Just before dawn, you hear the front door opening. You sense your partner quietly retuning to bed and wait for an explanation that never comes. You decide to say nothing. You wonder whether to arrange surveillance of the property after dark in case it happens again by a licenced Private Investigator.

 Clients in this position report that partner cheating starts so softly that they are unsure when it began. This often happens at work or at a social club, and may announce itself by increasing mentions of a new friend. From there, the relationship develops into meetings after work followed by dining our afterwards to say thank you. Within a few weeks, your partner starts comparing you adversely. When that happens, you are falling out of favour. You know it is time to order that surveillance but are hesitant to take the step in calling the Private Investigator.

The more you try to adapt instead of driving them away with jealousy, the more your partner grooms you into a life without marital rights or mutual trust. You half-fear violence if you say anything. The trap is closing fast. You need proof so you can escape with what is rightfully ours. A friend tells you about QLD Covert Investigation’s infidelity and surveillance service.  You check you are alone, reach out for the phone and dial 1300 553 788 for Qld Covert Investigations. They answer promptly. You wonder what happens next.

QLD Covert Investigations has a central control room with a shift operator on duty twenty-four hours around the clock. This person’s task is to assess the caller’s need before assigning the case through to a specialist who is also a licenced private detective. From there, things move speedily to a confidential meeting at a time that suits.  

Our surveillance service uses long range, date-stamped videos and photographs. We also keep a log of circumstances regarding every one on these. When we have the evidence to confront your partner in your attorney’s office, we hand these to you with an affidavit. Your partner is unlikely to argue with the facts. Now you are in control, and you can dictate what happens next.

Contact us by email or call 1300 553 788 now. You have come a long way from lying awake in bed and wondering what to do next. It is time to move on to the next phase, Qld Covert Investigations have licence Private Investigators Gold Coast, Brisbane and throughout Australia and Internationally, strictly private and confidential.

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