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Essential Background Checks for Employment Purposes

Hiring a new employee for our company can bring great benefits in terms of talent and experience. However, we do need to be careful not to accidentally import insider threats, especially as these can remain dormant for some years. Most Australians respect their employers’ rights and interests. We share five essential background checks for weeding out the remainder, who could represent a potential threat to our profitability and customer relationships.

# 1 – Essential Background Checks for Identification Purposes

We need to know who we are dealing with before we can verify anything else. That’s because if they provide a false persona, then what else is true about them? If they claim Australian citizenship ask them for verification. If they are migrants or refugees, take all necessary steps to ensure they are legally entitled to be here.

# 2 – Do They Have a Record of Past Criminality?

This aspect is also extremely important. There are two types of criminals. One group made a bad mistake in their past, but have turned over a new leaf. Others are serial offenders looking for their next opportunity to strike. If their identity is genuine, then past criminal records are available. If you are unsure what to do, then consult an expert.

# 3 – Essential Background Checks for Job Suitability

A genuine person with a clean criminal record does not necessarily equate to an ideal person for your vacancy. You also need to know their employment record of where they worked before, and their level of their performance there. Make sure your essential background checks include their behaviour at work. How well will they fit in?

# 4 – What Is Their State of Health and Ability

We all have a duty to help people with a health, or ability impediment. However, we also have a duty as employers to ask ourselves whether their mental or physical status fits them for our particular task. There may be adjustments we can make from our side to simplify matters for them. It’s a matter of knowing the right questions to ask.

# 5 – The Important Matter of Security Clearance

This aspect of essential background checks is coming to the forefront in the troublesome times were are going through. While a security clearance may seem irrelevant in your own business context, it may matter a great deal to a future customer. QLD Covert Investigations provides a discreet background check service for discerning clients, throughout Australia, free consultation 1300 553 788

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