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A TSCM Sweep to Eliminate Vulnerabilities

A vulnerability is a breach of your data security measures. In business, these are the steps you take to shield your information from contamination, loss or theft. Imagine for a moment if your emails, accounting records and client files vanished from your computers. A TSCM Sweep could help prevent this happening

Why Is a TSCM Sweep so Important?

COVID lockdown reinforced many advantages of remote working. From your business perspective, your key employees could keep contributing without breaching their isolation. Meanwhile, criminals were on the back foot, because they were no longer free to snoop as they wished.

This situation spawned huge growth in the spamming, and hacking business. Which of us can claim not to be receiving crudely-contrived emails, unsolicited phone calls, and spurious alerts from so-called anti-virus software? Meanwhile, the dark side of the internet bristles with miniature cameras, and recorders that stream data directly to their masters.

HOW TSCM is the Best Way to Counter This

TSCM is the abbreviated form of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. This high-tech military term entered our industry after many of us began employing military security specialists. The best way to understand the phrase is to divide it into two parts:

  • Tactical surveillance is the process whereby operators use electronics to spy on each other.
  • Counter measures are the steps ‘the other side’ takes to detect, and interrupt the signals.

In the business sense, a TSCM sweep involves rooting out bugs on computers, and finding and destroying hidden cameras and recorders with on-board transmitters. 

Four Phases to a QLD Covert Investigations Sweep

We regard the FIRST PHASE as arguably most important, although some of our competitors skip over it. TSCM sweeps are technical operations involving advanced equipment. At QLD Covert Investigations we only deploy specialists with proven skills.

The SECOND PHASE involves detailed inspection of all ceilings, walls, and floors for evidence of any tampering with surfaces, suspicious wires, or anything seemingly out of place. We disable and remove snooping devices the moment we uncover them.

We then proceed to electronically scan the entire facility during the THIRD PHASE of our investigation. This should detect every known device by either listening out for their electronic circuits, or detecting their signals.  Once again, we adopts a search and destroy policy.

The FOURTH PHASE of our TSCM exercise involves scanning computers for malicious software. However, we only do so with specific permission, and confirmation the data is backed up. Our IT specialists report their findings, and discuss next steps with clients.

Trust QLD Covert Investigations for Thoughtful Service

We have been in this business for well over a decade, during which time we have seen many competitors come and go. Our QLD Covert Investigations policy is to work consistently and thoroughly, and to respect client data privacy while doing TSCM sweeps.

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