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Qld Covert Investigations has a team of experienced Private Investigators who specialise in gathering information and conducting Criminal background checks for Employment and other purposes to help private, business and corporate clients.

Qld Covert Investigations has 20 years of experience in providing our Clients with background checks in Australia on individuals or companies throughout Australia and Internationally. With our established industry contacts, and subscriptions to specialised information databases, we can gather qualified and detailed information which we provide in a comprehensive report to our Client in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Depending on your needs some or all of the following details will be provided in a confidential Background Check report for Employment. We can customise accordingly to meet your objectives and budget.  Make an informed decision now which may save you time, money and heartache in the future.  Following is a summary of the types of Background checks in Australia we can investigate,  usually completed within a couple of days of receiving the instructions;

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Different Types of Criminal Background History Checks

There is also a number of different types of Criminal Background History checks that can be conducted in Australia including the following which this particular services requires a pen-signed consent form and 100 points of certified ID:


Comprehensive Background Check Reports

Qld Covert Investigations will provide a comprehensive Background Check report compiled by a government licensed, experienced and highly trained Private Investigator.  Copies of search extracts or “screen captures” of all of the information obtained will be detailed in the report which will be treated strictly private and confidential.

With 20 years of experience in the Private Investigation industry we aim to go the extra mile leaving no stone unturned to ensure you have all the facts in a timely manner.  We believe in honesty, value and exceptional customer service.

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