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Desktop Investigations Trace Missing Teens on Facebook

If you were to ask your teenager which social media sites they prefer, then Facebook will appear on the list. This means, if your teen has been missing for a while they may still be using Facebook to stay in touch with friends. Our desktop investigations trace missing children this way with surprising success.

Skip Trace a Missing Teen with a Facebook Desktop Investigation

Search Using Your Teen’s Name
Open your Facebook and enter the person’s name in the search box. Ignore the results first. Look down the left hand page column and click ‘people’ to narrow your search. Next, if you are unsuccessful try their nickname. especially one their close friends favoured. Don’t only use people. Try the following other options:

Try Using Your Teen’s School Next

Begin the search using the last school your teen attended. Ignore the search result. Click ‘people’ again. You will get a list of Facebook members who also attended the school. Scroll down the images until someone appeals as a possible friend. Click on their link and see what you find.

Now Follow Up on Their Friends
Research their friends of similar ages, backgrounds and interests. You can filter those again in terms of workplace, hometown, or high school. Have a good look at their friends too. If you strike gold you may spot your teen. Find out where their friend hangs out. Your Facebook desktop investigation could yield valuable clues!

Still Battling? Try Groups Next
Brainstorm your teen’s special interests, hobbies and even obsessions. Enter them one at a time, search members, and then likely member friends. You will find yourself in a broad space here. At this point many clients approach QLD Covert Investigations, because they simply do not have the time to continue.

Try a Search for Mobile Numbers
We hang on to our mobile numbers through thick and thin, and between phones too because so much of our virtual data references them. If your teen is not far away there is a chance they kept theirs too, although they may not answer your calls. Keep a look out for results linking to other members. You never know until you ask!

Discuss a Covert Desktop Investigation
QLD Covert Investigations begins many projects by desktop searching social media. The principles are the same although the techniques vary between platforms. Please call our operations manager at Australia 1300 553 788 if you need help.

You be anywhere in the world but we could still assist. Here’s a link to our website if you would like to learn more about us, and what we do.

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