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Do You Know Your Kids are Safe with COVID Around?

By now we know we need more than a few virions of the coronavirus to generate a serious infection. It also seems likely a ‘shotgun effect’ in a crowd is most deadly. That’s the rational for discouraging large groups forming during a surge of infections. But how do you know your kids are safe when they’re out on their own.

You Can’t Stop People Doing What Comes Naturally

Teens love to gather in groups where they get emotional support from their peers. These are kindred spirits passing through the same development process, and who may understand them better than their own parents.

The problem is teens are young, inexperienced people who don’t want to be out of step with the crowd. If a friend says ‘I know where there’s a party. Shall we take a look’ how do you think they are going to react?

I Know My Kids are Safe Because I Trust Them to Obey

That may be a safe position through early teens. However, when they enter the rebellious phase, peer group pressure may be stronger than parental influence because of the pressure of the moment.

We have had many parents come to us during the COVID-19 pandemic, and ask ‘How do I know my kids are safe. I want to believe they won’t fall under a bad influence. But I hear stories and I am worried.’

How To Be Sure Your Kids Are Safe in the Pandemic

Accompanying them when they are away from home is never going to work. First, they go out because they don’t want your company. And second, if they saw you snooping that would be the end of any trust.

Qld Covert Investigations offers a surveillance service where we would discreetly keep an eye on your child from a distance. One night out usually tells us everything. They are either socially distancing and face masking, or they are not, it’s as simple as that.

How to Know Your Kids Are Safe on Their Own

Qld Covert Investigations has a track record that goes back a decade in coastal Queensland. We are well networked throughout all urban areas, and we know where teens go in leisure time.

Call us on 1300 553 788 or email us a message if you would like to arrange a surveillance of your child, so you know what they really get up to. We won’t charge for the first half-hour of a telecom if you decide to give this a try.

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