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Important Tips for a Teenage Missing Person

Important Tips for a Teenage Missing Person

We do not know your situation but we do our best to give options. Skipping home is NOT a crime. A teenage missing person DOES NOT have to go back home if they do not feel safe. However, you ought to find a workaround for your situation until you can sort things out.  [ Read more here  ]

Teenage Missing Person ‘Survival Guide’

First, you need somewhere safe to stay. Most of the people out there are kind and they will try to help if you ask. Unfortunately, a few will want to take advantage of a teenage missing person. Try not to trust a stranger you do not know. You could be at risk because you are without your usual support systems.

Your best solution is to stay with a person you can depend on, like a close friend or family member. If there is a salvation army office in your town, they will also help. DO NOT try sleeping rough. Ask the police for advice. They will know what to do. Explain you are a teenage missing person but you do not want to go home.

The Best Solution for a Teenage Missing Person

Ideally, you need to find a way to get back to the way things were before you decided to run away. If you left home after an argument with your parents, the chances are they are keen as you to make up with you. Consider asking the person where you are staying to call them and arrange to meet for coffee somewhere.

What You Should Do If You are Unable to Go Back Home

You should not let time stand still forever. Despite what happened, you need to get on with your life. You need to find a place to stay, and get back to school or work. Your best solution could be to ask the police, your teacher, the priest in your church, or the child welfare authority for advice. There are support systems out there and you have a right as a teenage missing person to use them.

Do You Need Help to Find a Missing Teenage Person

We posted this short guide for missing teenage persons in the hope of helping Australian families reunite. In the normal course of events, we help friends and families find missing loved ones of all ages. QLD Covert Investigations has helped many families rebuild relationships this way. You can send a confidential email from this link. Or you can call 1300 553 788 now if you require assistance.

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