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Keep Your Personal Secrets Private with Bug Sweeps

If you have a public profile, chances are somebody, sometime is going to want to knock you off your perch, or at least hurt you financially if they can. The preferred route is often blackmail, and some do occasionally commit indiscretions, or at the least say thoughtless things. Bug sweeps are the proven way to eliminate covert listening devices that people with mal intentions leave behind them. [ Read more here  ]

How These Micro Pieces of Listening Equipment Work

Covert listening devices are micro pieces of listening equipment comprising a transmitter, and some type of microphone. The microphone detects the sounds of conversations, and feeds the data to the transmitter. The transmitter sends the information to a receiving station across the airwaves. There, a device transforms the data back to voice.

These micro listening-in devices are regularly undetectable to an experienced eye, although QLD Covert Investigations operatives know where to look when performing their bug sweeps. The equipment generally comes in one of these five forms:

1  A standalone device with independent transmitter beaming data directly

2  A piggy-back device wired into the victim’s landline telephone network

3  A piggy-back device wired into the target’s computer or their modem

4  A third-party smartphone left somewhere the victim is unlikely to look

5  The target’s smartphone hacked by an operator who could be anywhere

The Risks You Face by Not Doing Scheduled Bug Sweeps

The five forms of equipment all perform the same simple tasks. First, they detect sounds, which could someone speaking, or any other kind of noise. Secondly, they convert this into encrypted data for fast transmission. Finally, they send the data to a specified receiving station across the airwaves.

Unless you are at the office, or at home continuously and personally character check every visitor, any reasonably determined person can place a bug that is almost impossible to detect without commissioning advanced bug sweeps. Alarmingly, these could even be hiding in something belonging to a trusted person, like your personal assistant’s briefcase.

Please Contact Us for Advice If the Above Concerns You

If you suspect that someone has reason to bug your home or business premises, you really ought to intervene before a critical event occurs. It is well nigh impossible to reverse the damage, once private information is in the public domain. Please call QLD Covert Investigations at 1300 553 788, or post an email message here. Let’s work together on this, and nip the problem in the butt with a TSCM electronicbug sweeps.

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