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What Computer Forensics Could Teach You

Computer forensics collects and interprets data on a computer in ways that provide admissible evidence in court. Hence, it follows a structured approach with a clear trail back to where the computer forensics specialist discovered the data. This could be sitting on the main directory, or in a hidden sector on the hard drive. [ Read more ]

Some of the More Important Applications for Computer Forensics

Computers are an essential aspect of business and private life. To meet the challenge, our private detectives developed applications for almost every aspect of their work. They use it daily in:

The Modern Challenges Facing Computer Forensic Specialists

The days of suspects leaving key files on their desktops, or in their open directories innocently, have passed. Computer forensics has become perhaps the ultimate spy-versus-spy game with each party trying to outwit the other. New operating systems, hardware, and software constantly come on the market and are part of new equipment sold. An electronic private detective regularly attends intensive training to understand their inner workings.

Almost everybody encrypts their date to some extent with passwords. Hacking software is an ever-present threat. Bona-fide detectives harness these same tools to get past passwords legitimately. In our case, we ring fence data and only present it to a competent court. Other tools we come across are attempts to over-write files, modify meta data, and conceal information in hidden files. Unravelling this web has become the task of experts in their field.

Some of the Techniques Our Computer Forensics Experts Use

Some, but not all data entered on a computer remains in shadow memory after deletion. We use cross-drive analysis between computers, and add information from social media to reassemble data and detect anomalies.

 We use advanced forensic tools to extract evidence from operating systems, and retrieve files from disc sectors even after their deletion. We sometimes find information and pictures hidden in the code of images.

Speak to Us Urgently If You Need Computer Forensics Help

Deleted data remains in a computer’s random active memory until the machine shuts down. After that, much may be lost. If you suspect criminal data is on a live computer, contact QLD Covert Investigations urgently to arrange direct acquisition of the computer’s memory before it shuts down.

We have had success retrieving encrypted data using shadow log-ins in random active memory, but the clock could be ticking in your case. Please do not delay. Call 1300 553 788 for computer forensics help today.

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