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The Importance of Doing a Proper Back Ground Check

Australia has a mobile population, with past generations setting out in search of fame and fortune. The 1990’s recession caused a counter-flow back to the cities. Australia actively sought skilled migrants to restart the economy. The result is a bunch of eclectic citizens who left families and friends behind as they progressed. This makes a back ground check using networks almost impossible. [ Read more here  ]

This is not helpful from the point of view of knowing the people we deal with before we become involved, whether in a personal relationship or in business. We get on well with most thanks to our easy-going take on life (although occasionally we do make a bad choice, and that can hurt us dearly). Sometimes it is better to clear up niggly worries at the front end.

The Reasons Why Few Australians Do a Decent Back Ground Check

We trust each other, although perhaps too much at times. We drift into private and business associations on a feel-good factor. By the time we wake up because something does fit right, it seems too late, or positively indecent to start a background check by asking probing questions.

Four Good Reasons Why You Might Urgently Need Our Help

This we often do not ask questions beforehand, and may suffer remorse when we have to. Perhaps you find yourself in this position. Which of these is true of you?

  • You became engaged, you have met the parents, they have consented, and you are marrying next week because ‘it is too late to back off’.
  • You have taken on a partner who previously was an employee, you are about to transfer half the assets, but something ‘does not feel quite right’.
  • You have made a job offer for a key position, they have accepted, you have a contract, but you just remembered ‘something you saw in the media’.
  • A key client asked for extended credit, and you do not want to refuse. However, they did miss a few payments once, are you ‘doing the right thing’?

The Solution: Ask Us to Do a Discreet Background Check

Short of doing nothing, asking us could turn out the right thing to do. Our operatives are super-fast and the soul of discretion. We could turn your case around in a few days, and you could soon have answers. Do not only look at the money. Consider the consequences of making the wrong decision. Phone QLD Covert Investigations for a back ground check on 1300 553 788 or email We deliver the facts fast Australia wide.

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