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Tips for finding a Missing Person

Information sources relating to a missing persons investigation in Australia may become irrelevant as time passes. Hence, we urge you to contact us soon by calling Qld Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 right away or just visit our another site

A Missing Persons Investigation Should Start Right Away

A missing persons investigation should start right away according to the College of Policing in the UK. The investigative officer must take care not confuse the urgency with the circumstances behind the disappearance according to this authorised professional training practice. For example, an elderly person may have been on their way to visit friends and therefore not be at risk. However, if the night is bitingly cold and their car has recently broken down, then that is another matter.

The Australian Institute of Criminology’s Take on Missing Person Circumstances

The Australian Government Institute of Criminology confirms that subjects of a missing persons investigation come from all walks of life. Some hide their trail intentionally, because they want to be alone to reshape their lives. Others may be on the run from something, perhaps a personal problem that is tormenting them. However, the most urgent cases are where there is a suspicion of abduction.

Common Information Sources for a Missing Persons Investigation

A missing persons investigator should start immediately on a case. A partner may have stormed out of the house in good health after a quarrel. Nonetheless, this does not exclude the possibility of an accident while they were distracted. Moreover, information is most powerful when it is fresh. A missing persons detective will use a combination of the following information sources.

  • Lifestyle Data: What are their hobbies and interests, and who are their close friends. Did they befriend a stranger recently? What places do they like to go to, especially to be away from their family?
  • Digital Information: Which social media sites do they visit? Have they made any new contacts there and what did they chat about? What are the most recently opened files and documents on their computer?
  • Passive Information: Where was the missing person last seen? There may be CCTV cameras in the vicinity that reveal who they were with. Security cameras at home / school / work may also provide clues.
  • Proof of Life: If a person has been missing for a while, they may have met with misfortune. The forensics investigator in a missing persons investigation must send enquiries to doctors, hospitals, and car rental companies, etc.

When You Need Help Fast, Speak to QLD Covert Investigations Soon

Information sources relating to a missing persons investigation may become irrelevant as time passes. Hence, we urge you to contact us soon, if you are missing someone you care for. Please call 1300 553 788 for a confidential assessment. Our telephone advice is free call now for help to find a missing person on 1300 553 788 or 0401 553 551.

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