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Workcover surveillance

The definition of a work injury sometimes seems open-ended. Workcover surveillance helps employers make right decisions when in doubt.

Workcover Surveillance Reveals a Two-Edged Sword

Australia’s worker compensation scheme is a great way of ensuring that people injured at work get just compensation. However, the definition of injury seems open-ended, as it covers long-term inconvenience too. Workcover surveillance helps employers make right decisions when in doubt.

How a Recent Court Decision Stretched the Definition

Take the case of Avery v Victorian WorkCover Authority for example. There, the court decided, “reporting constant pain, along with restriction on recreation, grooming, and household activities is sufficient to bring a claim for pain and suffering.”

This moves the situation beyond the skills of many Australian employers. We are neither doctors nor psychologists, and may find ourselves facing dubious medical professionals who are selective with the truth. QLD Covert Investigations has a workcover surveillance team with the experience to make a difference.

Things We Look For During a Workcover Surveillance Investigation

A genuine work injury claimant is likely to report an accident immediately. While they may elaborate later after they get over the shock, the basics are consistent. A worker who reports an incident long after the event, and is inconsistent, invites further investigation by our work cover surveillance experts.

We immediately check whether the reported symptoms are consistent at work, and home. If an employee is on light duties because of a sore back, what are they doing after hours? If we spot them mowing the lawn, or digging in the garden, or surfing off a beach we begin to wonder who is telling the truth.

A professional medical opinion is the commonest basis for a workplace injury claim. If we wonder who is telling the truth, we investigate the medical provider. We ask obvious questions including do they have valid registration with the Australian Medical Council, and do they have expertise at the level of diagnosis.

We have uncovered charlatans with a record of dubious recommendations the courts overturned. Some only dealt with work injuries, and offered a money-back guarantee. We expect a genuine claimant to see their family practitioner first, and then follow their advice regarding the best specialist to consult.

Call Us if You Need Workcover Surveillance Assistance

We only scratched the surface in this brief post. There are many more angles for a private detective to explore. Call us on 1300 553 788 for a half-hour, no obligation, completely free discussion over the phone. We take on workcover surveillance cases to win them. We will tell you if we think your chances of winning are slim based on what you say. Click here to send an email message.

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