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How to Determine If You Need Professional Bug Sweeping

It can be relatively easy to find an electronic snooping device planted by an amateur. After that, it is a good idea to ask a professional detective to check you found them all. Advanced criminals sometimes plant sacrificial bugs to create a false sense of security among their victim, who often assumes that was all they left behind. We dedicate this post to practical tips you can follow to conduct a basic search. After that, you can decide if you need advanced bug sweeping assistance. For details, please visit 

 Basic Bug Sweeping You Can Do Without Equipment

Many audio bugs are visible if you know where to look. They have to be, so they can monitor the situation, and pick up low whispered conversations or voices outside in the garden. To make them less obvious, bug manufacturers make them as small as possible. Expect them to be the size of a ten-cent coin, or less.

Where to Search for Audio Bugging Equipment

When doing your own bug sweeping, we recommend you start where most conversations take place. At work, this could be your office, the conference room, or even at the tea and coffee station. Remember to look on all sides of everything. That is the ceiling, walls and floor of the room, and underneath things, not just on top.

If the search zone is complex, or full of many things, it pays to divide it into smaller spaces, or start at the ceiling say, and work done to the floor. Pick up everything that is not physically stuck down. You will be surprised to know what ingenious people bug planters are. Remember, the device you seek may not be in plain view.

How to Look For Concealed Cameras
Bug sweeping for cameras can be a little easier, because there are more clues. First, cameras are bigger because of lens technology. Secondly, they need a larger power source than audio bugs and these emit more heat. If you can lay your hands on an infrared scanner, this could come in handy.

Covert surveillance experts often hide their cameras in familiar devices. If you notice your pencil sharpener, digital clock, or kitchen scale mysteriously moved, that is a clue to follow up. If this alarms you, dial 1300 553 788 and speak to QLD Covert Investigations. We have advanced equipment. If you have a bug on your premises, the chances are excellent we will find it while doing bug sweeping.

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