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The Value a Private Detective Adds to a Criminal Defence

Finding oneself, or ones child embroiled in criminal charges can be one of the most unnerving experiences we may ever have. The Australian Police are thorough, and they have a vast array of specialist resources available. Yet they do make mistakes, whether in substance or the way they load a case. Qld Covert Investigations assists private clients, and criminal defence teams, with gathering counter evidence. [ Visit us ]

Examples of Noteworthy Criminal Defence Investigations

From time to time, students have one too many drinks and get out of hand. They may damage cars, vandalise public spaces, and so on. When a witness claims your kid was involved, to whom do you turn when it is their word against yours? You need a private detective who knows where to look.

If someone quarrels with their spouse, they can end up shouting and say things the neighbour overhears before they storm out. The next morning their spouse accuses them of manhandling them and has a bruise on their arm to show. They know they did not touch them, but how will they prove their innocence in court?

The Nuts and Bolts of Assisting with a Criminal Defence

Third-party character references can be the best defence in both these cases. They can show the court the behaviour is so unlikely that it is improbable, and the accused therefore deserves the benefit of the doubt despite the evidence. QLD Covert Investigations assists with gathering the evidence by:

*  Finding credible witnesses and taking statements from them

*  Discrediting state witnesses by investigating their backgrounds

The Extra Distance a Dedicated Private Detective Goes

It can happen that the police curtail a criminal investigation, once they believe they know the guilty party.  With a limited work force, this is understandable. An experienced private detective intent on proving innocence probes further. What did the complaining spouse do after the partner stormed out?  If they went out too, where did they go?

In the instance of the students, there were more than just the witness and the defendant present. There would have been several other students, and few interested bystanders. Who were these people, and where do they live? Perhaps there is an apartment building nearby. What did those people see? Do we have the making of a credible criminal defence here?

Speak to us soon if you need help with a criminal defence, whether for yourself or for your client. Call 1300 553 788 soon. It would be a pity if an older witness’s short-term memory faded, or they moved out of town to who knows where.

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