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More to Surveillance than Tailing a Suspect

The indomitable Sherlock Holmes relied on astute observation to track down suspects. Every detail mattered as this conversation with his assistant, Watson shows. ‘Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention regarding the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, Watson?’ ‘The dog did nothing in the night-time, Sherlock.’ ‘Then that was the curious incident,’ remarked Holmes. Nowadays, there is more to surveillance than tailing a suspect and observing dogs. This is thanks to advances in technology.  Read more here

Advanced Surveillance Technology Available to Us

Digital data, and our capacity to transmit it across the internet probably revolutionised the 21st Century more than anything else did. The technically astute private detective knows there is more to surveillance than tailing a suspect on foot. Nowadays, we have the power of data sitting on a suspect’s personal computer, and ‘out there’ on the social media for all to see.

We can trace a person’s location and track their movements by applying geolocation technology to their smartphone records. The Snowden leaks revealed just how deep government surveillance of its citizens is. It is just as well citizens do not have the same technical reach. Imagine the chaos if we all did!

The ever-present use of closed-circuit cameras is another example of how surveillance became part of life. We have cracked many stock-pilferage and shoplifting cases simply by analysing recordings frame-by-frame, and then confronting guilty parties with the evidence.

More to Surveillance than Tailing a Suspect: Data Mining

Digital is not time bound. Hence we can go back and forth through data, and do surveillance with the benefit of hindsight. Each cellphone call, and each internet transaction creates an electronic record of our consumer habits and preferred locations. It is almost impossible to avoid leaving a paperless trail behind.

Drones are adding a new dimension to surveillance that goes beyond George Orwell’s dread view of the future in 1984. Here, we are not only surveying people. With infrared technology we can photograph, and identify a car in the dark down to the details of the license disc.

Do You Ever Wonder Whether Someone is Tailing YOU?

There is more to surveillance than tailing a suspect. QLD Covert Investigations has helped many clients who were the victims of industrial espionage by competitors, or snooping by spouses with hidden motives or victims of domestic violence. If you would like them traced, or put your worries to bed, give us a call at 1300 553 788 when you can in confidence.

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