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The Quest for Missing Persons

The scars left by missing persons never really heal until there is closure when the mystery is solved. The 100th Anniversary of the Great War of 1914 to 1918 has seen huge collective emotion well to the surface. The pathos revealed through cameo stories in the media has found echoes in the hearts of youngsters whose grandparents were not even born then. Who would have imagined the memory would be so raw after all these years.

People Likely to Go Missing

Fortunately for Australians we are passing through a time of relative peace where few of us become casualties of violence. Our missing persons are more likely to be scarred by emotional trauma of some or other kind.

  • Adolescence is an unstable period when deep-seated conflicts arise. Some are family disputes, while others are more personal. While these may appear resolvable to adult minds, the younger generation sometimes cannot see a way through, unless they break the link and disappear.

 The next largest group of missing persons in Australia are our senior citizens. These are those whose cognitive faculties have begun to fail so they become confused. They lose track of who they are and where they ought to be. The only consolation we can offer is that they are often unaware of what is happening.

Missing adults form a less homogenous group, although in common with teenagers they usually make a conscious decision to vanish. The root cause can be a marriage breakup, an unbearable work situation, or something they have done that they are unable to come to terms with. Many of these missing persons are never traced, because they take on new identities.

The forth and most tragic group of missing persons are those who are going through such trauma that they cannot reach out and cry for help. Some are little children in evil hands. Others are adults lying in hospital after falling ill or meeting with an accident. Like all the other missing persons that we mentioned, most are traceable with assistance from a skilled investigative team.

How QLD Covert Investigations Helps

Our government licenced private investigators have decades of experience of tracing missing persons in the categories we mentioned, and have amassed a library of practical knowledge that we have documented. To tap into this resource please call our Head office on 1300 553 788 anytime, or leave a message by clicking on this link or email directly to

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