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The Heart of Private Investigation Surveillance

‘Surveillance’ is the act of observing a person, an object or an event in order to understand it better. An early example of this would be the land surveyors who opened up Australia by charting mountains, rivers and other geographic features. Later, they returned to peg out towns, and demarcate the mining claims that brought early wealth for daring prospectors who followed on from their surveillance.

Although they might not see their tasks as such, the jobs of private detectives and journalists are similar for both include surveillance driven by curiosity. However there the similarity ends. The media are drawn by sensational events that bring them advertising, fame and fortune. In the case of QLD Covert Investigations though, we work quietly in the background and largely go about our work undetected.

Confidentiality and respect for privacy are at the heart of our philosophy. Most Australians shun publicity as they go about their lives, and indeed would prefer the cases we investigate to never receive attention from the press. We work together well on this one. Our skilled Private Investigators are anonymous, and under cover to the extent their friends seldom know how they make their living.

Urban legend holds that modern private eyes are Sherlock Holmes-like figures wielding magnifying glasses and popping suspicious objects into paper bags. Sherlock Holmes was at the cutting edge of science which is what made Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books an instant hit. In fact it’s not surprising that the author was also a medical doctor at the time the science was evolving.

While quiet surveillance – for example of a busy street while reading a paper in a pavement café – still continues to form an important part of QLD Covert Investigation’s toolkit, we too like Sherlock Holmes continue to make use of cutting edge technology. Cameras and videos will probably be with us forever, however it’s the electronic possibilities – and the internet with its social media – that form the frontiers of modern surveillance techniques today.

Many of our clients are unsure about what we do and how we add value, when they contact us for the first time. Over the years we have developed a policy of not charging for the first half-hour consultation. We find this creates an informal, comfortable atmosphere in which ideas can freely flow.

 If you need advice on a personal or business matter that you can’t quite put your finger on (or suspect a loved one may have vanished) then please call QLD Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 or send us an email right away. Our skilled private investigators are on standby right now to discuss how surveillance could be the solution to your worries.

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