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The Many Benefits of Background Checks on People

The benefits of background checks are many. We really ought to make the effort before we move in with someone, hire an employee / take on a contractor, promote someone to a senior position, or go into business with a partner. Even if we feel we know them well already, friendship can obscure a multitude of sins. Read more:

Why So Many People Forgo the Benefits of Background Checks

We feel socially awkward when we ask someone we know for their identity details, so we can ask TransUnion or Veda how well they pay their bills. Most of us prefer to avoid confrontations like these. As a result, we run the danger of falling victims to confidence tricks, especially the irritating ones that clog our mailboxes nowadays.

The Cloak of Innocent Honesty that Scammers Wear

We readily associate with likeable first impressions. If a stranger is friendly, we like them, and want to be their friends. Mark Zuckerberg understood this when he added the ‘like button’ to Facebook. Let’s face it, when someone likes us, we want to like them back. On social media, we seem to have forgotten the benefits of background checks completely.

There is no such thing as a confidence trickster with bad attitude. If there were, how would they gain our confidence in order to take advantage of us later? While on the subject, when last did you last investigate the background of someone your child is visiting in chatrooms. Or you yourself, if you are looking for a partner? What member filtering does the chatroom apply? Here are two sources you really should read:

1  Who’s Chatting to Your Child published as a pdf by the Queensland Police

2  Sobering advice by Get Safe Online regarding the risks of dating sites

We have yet to come across a social media, dating site or chatroom that is 100% safe. Please report offenders. This will help them improve the benefits of background checks for their users.

The Role QLD Covert Investigations Plays in Background Checks

We are on firmer ground in the brick and mortar world, where society has records of individuals built up over many years. These logs of criminal records, court decisions and insolvencies can tell us much about the people we meet in the real world and on the internet. Please Contact QLD Covert Investigations by calling 1300 553 788. The benefits of background checks are many, and you could stand to gain much.

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