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Locating Missing Tenants to Claim Damages

Although the law regarding property owners and tenants varies between different Australian states, all tenants have a general duty to comply with their lease agreement, provided this also complies with the law. While property owners have the right to claim damages, locating missing tenants who absconded may be difficult. [ Click here to read more ]

Most claims relate to tenant failure to do one or more of the following.

  • Pay the monthly rental in full on the agreed date
  • Keep the premises in a clean, undamaged and tidy condition
  • Behave with consideration to the owner and neighbours
  • Adhere to all the conditions of the tenancy agreement
  • Follow the agreed exit procedure at the end of the lease.

Missing Persons in Australia provides a service to trace missing tenants. We offer advice here of how to go about it.

How to Avoid Getting into Tenant Difficulties

Just like in any other sector of the economy, there are rogue property owners, rogue letting agents, and rogue tenants. A careful background check including reference checking is the best way of avoiding this, and not having to go about locating missing tenants later. An experienced private detective can prove a useful resource, and we are able to assist with a recommendation.

It is vital to ask for positive identification before the start of the lease, to verify next of kin and employers, and to obtain clean references from previous landlords. If you feel embarrassed about requesting the information, chances are you are concerned about something. In that case, we recommend you do not proceed. Evicting tenants is an unpleasant, and expensive matter.

Locating Missing Tenants: How to Go About It

If your rogue tenant provided you with their real name and other details, then locating missing tenants is often just a matter of following up on these leads without playing your cards, so you can find them and deliver notice you are taking action. If the information they provided turns out to be incorrect, then you need professional assistance urgently, while the clues are still there.

Rogue tenants that skip town without warning are inevitably in a hurry. In our experience, they invariably leave a clue. If you find yourself in a troubled situation we recommend you contact us urgently by calling 1300 553 788. We offer a free initial free phone consultation. Call us for help about locating missing tenants. 

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