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Bug Sweeping: The Only Deterrent Against Electronic Surveillance

Bugs and bug sweeping mean different things to different people. Bugs that destroy crops are the natural curse of farmers, while bugs in computer programs are more likely to be coding errors. Bugging someone means being a nuisance in some parts of the country. Audio surveillance bug listening devices are the worst of the lot. They are also easy to buy on Google. Read more: www.auscovertinvestigations.com.au/bug-sweeping

The Australian government understands the problem. Federal law prohibits secretly recording conversations whether live, or on the phone. The Privacy Act of 1988 regulates surveillance and monitoring by ‘listening, optical, data and tracking surveillance devices’. Other regulations include;

1  The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act of 1979: making it an offence to intercept or access private telecommunication without the knowledge of the persons involved.

2   The Surveillance Devices Act of 2004: governing the use of surveillance devices by Australian Government agencies, and police of Australian states and territories.

These laws have proved effective when it comes to prosecutions by police. However, there is a loophole the size of a barn door. Electronic bugging mostly happens on private property that police may not enter, without the occupant’s permission or a legal warrant.

Why Bug Sweeping Is the Only Deterrent against Electronic Surveillance

Electronic ‘bugging’ surveillance devices are almost impossible to detect without sophisticated bug sweeping equipment. They are small, and designed for easy concealment by an ingenious person with bad intention. There could be a bug under your desk, in your telephone, or in the electric light in the ceiling.

Smartphones can be hacked remotely. Many domestic devices belong to ‘the internet of things’ enabling them to receive and send data. If you are monitoring your home or child on your phone, these transmitting devices are already part of your life. You only hope lies in the fact that bug sweeping can detect these signals, and trace where they are coming from.

Why You May Need Professional Help with Bug Sweeping

You may be a victim of electronic surveillance already. This is more likely to be the case if your competition is spying on you, or someone wants to know what you get up to at home. Bug sweeping is the only way to be sure either way. QLD Covert Investigations can help you decide whether this is necessary. Call 1300 553 788 from a friend’s phone if you think you do.

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