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The Indispensable Role of CCTV and Electronic Security

Electronic circuit boards are a pivotal factor in our lives. Without them, our car keys would not work and our engines would not start. None of our kitchen appliances would function either, and as for our computers, life would be a disaster. Computer hacking and electronic bugging are unfortunate by-products. Thank heavens we have CCTV and electronic security to help us counter them.

The Role of CCTV and Electronic Security in Personal Protection

Physical security systems are with us everywhere we go, from the locks on our front doors, to CCTV cameras on public transport, to the burglar alarms on our cars. These systems serve a common purpose:

*   Their presence acts as a deterrent

*   They monitor for illegal activity

*   They assist in counter measures

In practical terms, CCTV and electronic security devices take the form of static / intrusion-triggered lighting, alarm systems and sensors, anti-viral computer software, closed-circuit video surveillance cameras, electronic fencing, and access control. All have their limitations: all need a human hand to control them, and all need trained people to respond when they signal an intrusion.

QLD Diamond Security: Specialised Security Services

Steadily increasing demand for CCTV and electronic security services, inspired us to start our sister company QLD Diamond Security. We realised that many of our clients had neither the expertise, nor the interest in managing the equipment hands-on.

Staffing the unit up with the most experienced, professional and highly trained government licensed security staff, enables us to provide a diverse range of static and mobile services throughout Queensland.

We have the resources and skills to provide static and mobile CCTV and electronic security protection tailored to our customers’ individual needs. When we are more, we are stronger. When a QLD Covert Investigations client needs 24-hour protection, we can provide it quickly. Similarly, when QLD Diamond Security needs our advanced investigatory skills, we supply them.

QLD Diamond Security: More Than You May Expect

Our skilled operators work in uniform when they provide guarding services, and are casually dressed when working undercover. Their uniformed services include everything from concierge reception, to crowd control, to security guarding, and more. Undercover, they may escort cash, conduct workplace surveillances, and provide executive protection.

If you need a QLD Diamond Security Service, then you need these men and women watching over you, as you go about your business – and relax knowing that your family is safer with CCTV and electronic security. Call 1300 553 788 to know more about what personal guarding could do for you.

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