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Bug Sweeps and How to Sweep for Bugs

Listening devices are commonplace in Australia. Anyone can purchase a fair quality one on the internet for a reasonable price. A dishonest person can learn about their competition’s plans by leaving one at an expo. With assistance from an insider, almost anything is possible. It is no wonder we get so many calls from people about bug sweeps. [ Visit the site }

How to Go About Bug Sweeps Where Amateurs Are Involved

Inexperienced bug handlers are usually in a hurry to get in, place a listening device, and get out fast. This is true whether they are a business partner, a lover, or a main competitor in your market. Here are some clues that amateurs leave behind. When you have one of these situations, it may be time to sweep for bugs.

  • Someone seems to know a lot more about you than they should know. Your lover starts acting strangely, or a competitor steals a deal you thought you had secured.
  • You have unplanned visits from someone claiming to be an inspector, or wanting to do a demo service. They seem to have an unerring ability to pitch up when you are in a meeting.
  • An unexpected gift arrives from a supplier in a courier van. You notice something in a cupboard you do not recognise. Bug sweeps repeatedly reveal cameras and recorders hidden inside these places.
  • You start hearing clicks on the phone after technicians have been working in the street outside for several days. You know you ought to query this. You do not because they are wearing utility uniforms.

These are just a few examples. We could go on and mention more. If you are dealing with an amateur who bought a listening device on eBay, you should be able find it after doing a few bug sweeps of your own.

How to Go About Bug Sweeps Involving Professional Agents

You will probably be less successful when sweeping for bugs placed by specialists. Their equipment is more sophisticated and costs a great deal more. They usually go to great pains to conceal it. Are you facing one or more of the warning signs we mentioned.

Perhaps you found something out of place but cannot put your finger on it. If so, you could be wise to consult with a detective from QLD Covert Investigations about doing bug sweeps. You could call 1300 553 788 right now, or send a confidential email from this website. We are ready for your call.

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