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Surveillance Pictures can be Worth a Thousand Words in Court

When faced with two diametrically opposing pieces of evidence, Australian courts may look for additional facts that support one or other proposition before them. Lawyers call this corroboratory proof because it confirms one or other party’s account of the event. The simplest example of this would be the testimony of an independent witness, although surveillance pictures and or video from a licensed private investigator can be worth a thousand words in court too.

The word surveillance describes being under scrutiny, for example when a police officer monitors a mugger in the hope of catching him at his game. The legendary Sherlock Holmes was adept at this form of sleuthing. As the celebrated Dr Watson observed in his novel The Sign of the Four. “So silent and furtive were his movements … that I could not but think what a terrible criminal he would have made had he turned his energy against the law.” Of course, had Sherlock Holmes actually existed (which he did not) then the British judiciary might well have thrown the results of his surveillances out of court, as being biased towards the interests of the clients who paid him for them.

If cameras had been freely available in those days he might have said, “Surveillance pictures can be worth a thousand words in court, dear Watson, and we should obtain one a camera”. If he had, then he might have been a minor prophet. This is because an increasing number of child abuse, spouse assault and employee theft cases are being finalised in Australian courts based on date and time-stamped videos, photographs and recordings from automatic cameras. This is because judges regard the technology as being free from human bias, provided an expert attests that they are not tampered with. QLD Covert Investigations uses unobtrusive vehicles and state-of-art photographic equipment to gather corroborating proof in support of client cases.

We do this in ways that are timely, legal and effective, and can confirm that this is the best way to obtain irrefutable evidence or intelligence.

To find out more about our surveillance service simply call Qld Covert Investigations on +61 401 553 551 or email directly who will personally attend to the early stages of your case. Surveillance pictures can be worth a thousand words in court, you deserve to have them on your side, and it will be our pleasure to assist you to resolve whatever issue is troubling you now.

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