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Consider Bug Sweeps If You Feel Invaded

There seems no end to human ingenuity. If something has an electronic circuit and connects to the world beyond, then someone with a will can steal data from it. These covert listening devices /  bugs are a huge intrusion on our privacy, especially if this happens in the sanctuary of our homes or in the private space we call our office. There really is only one option open to you, a bug sweep if you feel invaded, find the right service provider and get the job done!

Alarming Trends in Electronic Bugs

The spy-versus-spy techniques beloved by government security agents and popularised in the movies are now freely available on the internet to anybody with a paypal account and a delivery address. They work well when correctly used and represent a genuine threat to any one of us. If you have reason to suspect you are affected you really should consider bug sweeps. If you feel invaded because your private information is getting ‘out there’, please call us on 1300 553 788 and talk to us about the possibilities.

  • Concealed Bugs Under Clothing – These devices, commonly called ‘wires’ in the industry are impossible to physically detect unless you ask everyone you meet to strip naked which you obviously can’t. They translate nearby sounds like conversations to ‘listening posts’ which are often remote recorders. We can install a signal jammer and write a report that empowers you to prosecute the offender.
  • Remotely Activated Mobile Devices – All smartphones, laptops, palmtops and so on have the capacity to ‘hear’ a sound and transmit it to another internet-connected device. All it needs is someone to turn it on, and the same ‘roving bug’ technology used by national security advisers is readily available on the web from disgruntled employees. This snooping technique involves installing a piece of software remotely. Fortunately a specialist technician can reverse this.

Why You Should Consider Bug Sweeps If You Feel Invaded

The above are only two of many different devices available to purchase on the internet, and the superpowers keep adding to the list as the ‘eavesdropping war’ between Russia and the West continues. If you are worried about being snooped on, you should consider bug sweeps.

If you feel invaded because someone unauthorised has your information please contact QLD Covert Investigations as soon as you can or from a safe phone on 1300 553 788.

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