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Missing Persons We Have Traced Successfully

During our twelve years in operation, we have become experts in tracing people who have vanished and reuniting families together again. The missing persons we have traced successfully include young children and elderly persons, spouses in hospitals, birth parents, witnesses for court cases, moonlighted tenants and debtors. We solve most missing person cases within three days, and have a 90% success rate overall.

The Keys to Our Success

There is no substitute for diligence in the missing persons business, or any other aspect of private detective work for that matter. Our track record of the number of missing persons we have traced successfully reflects the thoroughness with which we go about skip tracing. This is the proven method of collecting as much information about the subject we are looking for as possible. Our sources commonly include:

  • Interviews with people familiar with the person sought: Dependant on their age, these could be close friends, classmates, parents, work colleagues, partners, children and staff at senior retirement homes.
  • News reports gleaned from newspaper, magazine, radio and television files: These frequently contain snippets of personal information, ambitions and long-term life plans.
  • Records from federal and state archives confirming real names and biographical details such as close relatives, registered addresses and past and present spouses
  • Data held by credit bureaus including Veda and Experian: These enable us to identify key credit suppliers that in turn hold records indicating the missing person’s favourite restaurants, shops etc.
  • Social media pages that we are able to access: They often reveal the flipside of the missing person’s life, such as friends outside their normal circle and the dreams they have of achieving their full potential.

Profile of the Missing Persons We Have Traced Successfully

The missing persons we find slot into three different categories beginning with the witnesses, parents and children who may not even know they are being sought. Next up are the people who disappear accidentally, for example those who unexpectedly end up in hospitals or have a mental difficulty.

These first two groups are often easier to find because they are not hiding deliberately. The third group is the most challenging, because the teens that run away and the debtors that abscond often deliberately cover over their tracks.

Qld Covert Investigations provides a comprehensive tracing service and the missing persons we have traced successfully fall in all three categories, click on link for more information https://qldcovertpi.com.au.au/missing-persons-australia.
Please email us directly if you are urgently seeking someone or call us on 1300 553 788 or +61 401 553 551. The chances are excellent that we may be able to help.

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