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Skip Tracing Missing Debtors While the Law Allows It

Australia has a law called the Statute of Limitations. In terms of this, contractual debts generally expire after six years in so far as the creditor is concerned. Six years can pass by with us hardly noticing them but for birthdays and holidays. This means we should not leave skip tracing missing debtors until the last few months.

Time Limitations The Law Places on Skip Tracing Missing Debtors

A debtor has no obligation to pay under the law unless the creditor takes action within the six-year window. Debt collection may be critical to company cash flow and financial health. Missing Persons in Australia has a specialist division serving business across the country.

Holding back on skip tracing missing debtors has many disadvantages. Their trail grows colder month by month, and year by year. Names and addresses can change. The money owed gradually depreciates in value. We recommend starting skip tracing missing debtors as early a practical, while memories are fresh and witnesses can still be traced. 

This is especially important in Northern Territory, where the statute of limitations on contract debt allows only half the time, namely three years. The applicable state is the territory where the contract governing the debt came into force. There are other, smaller differences we don’t go into detail here.

At What Point Does the Statute of Limitations Kick In?

The Statute of Limitations applies from the date the creditor has a right to take action. That date is usually defined in contractual documentation, and sales invoices if these state a contract exists upon signature.

A Statute of Limitations can reset its start date under certain circumstances. This may, for example be if the debtor signs an acknowledgment, or makes a part payment. Details vary between Australian states and territories. Call 1300 553 788 in Queensland Australia for more information.

Engaging Our Debtor Skip Tracing Service

Missing Persons in Australia has a number of specialist departments with experts in their field. We employ only the best private investigators money can buy. Deal with the experts and get the quality of service you require.

Call us on 1300 553 788  in Australia or Internationally +61 401 553 551 to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. We’ll allow a free, initial consultation the first time you call, and there’s no obligation on you to hire us afterwards. We are the straightforward people you can trust when it comes to skip tracing missing debtors effectively.

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