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Cheating Partners Can Be Easy to Spot When You Know How

Many men are bad liars. When wives and other lovers challenge them because they suspect they are cheating partners, the look in their eyes often gives them away. However, some men and many women are tougher nuts to crack because untruths seem to slip naturally off their tongues.

So what are the subconscious tips that may give these secretive partners away? There’s no better source than our squad of private investigators with many decades experience between them. We spoke to the ‘greybeard’ among them. This is what she said.

The Eight Ways I Use to Find Proof of Cheating Partners

Their Daily Pattern Changes

On-boarding a lover involves adapting to their program because they may have to cover up too. Look for changes in timing of regular daily routines.

The Wedding Ring is a Thing of the Past

Wedding rings recall unending faithfulness. If your partner stops wearing theirs ask, why. If they give a medical reason suggest seeing the doctor!

Keep an Eye on Their Credit Cards

Be on the lookout for excuses not to use their credit card for household purchases. When they say their credit is low where did the money go?

They Are Away from Home Longer

Covering up involves finding times and places to meet. The office before work provides a ‘natural alibi’ for cheating partners.

Their Pattern of Mobile Calls Changes

Some people naturally incline to making calls in the morning when they arise. Others are ‘late night owls’. Be alert to sudden changes!

New Email Account is Cause for Suspicion

Long standing partners often share logins. If your partner opens a new email account for ‘business reasons’ this adds to the evidence.

More Evidence of a Second, Secret Life

Cheating partners progressively close doors on their lives. They reach for their phones the moment they ring and leave the room to take the call.

And When You Are First to the Phone …

And when you do answer while they are in the shower the calls suddenly drop, or a strange voice says ‘sorry, wrong number’ and hangs up.

Do Not Put Up with ‘No Caller ID’ on the Screen

You don’t have to put up with being side-lined to second class.

Call QLD Covert Investigations on 1300 553 788 if you detect your partner’s interest fading in you. The first initial discussion will be free when you call. We find cheating partners fast. Email us if you would like to know more.

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