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Employee Background Checks: A Question of the Care We Take

An employer takes a chance nowadays if they hire an employee ‘off the street’ based on their CV, plus a few references. What has changed is the ease with which applicants stage-manage CV’s and employment letters. Information available from our facebooks, twitters, and blogs enables them to touch our pain points, and appear to be the ideal person we are looking for urgently. Instead of ‘going in where angels fear to tread’ we should do a series of proper background checks.

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Aspects of Integrity Background Checks to Remember

Our number one rule should be to verify the facts behind the application. When these background checks come up clean, we are probably dealing with an honest person. Only then should we start asking subjective questions like ‘how can you make my business even better’.

*  Check the Facts about Qualifications: Digital and quality printing have put document fraud within the reach of many. A whole industry sprang up in Australia. Colleges and universities understand this. They have systems in place to protect your and their own interests.

 *  Check the Facts about Credit Records: Australian credit-checking agencies only report the hard facts of late payment, and absconding. Between the lines, this tells you a great deal about the person’s responsibility towards society, and their integrity when it comes to someone else’s money.

 *  Check the Facts about Employment History: Most employees only confirm the period of employment, and role(s). If you call them personally, you have an opportunity to ask questions like ‘why did they leave’ and ‘would you employ them again’. If they are willing to answer, much may follow.

How to Handle the Embarrassment of Doing Background Checks

Nobody likes looking for dirt about other people, especially strangers we are beginning to favour as working for us. Background checks are not a job to delegate to someone in your organization. They could end up working with the applicant.

It follows that it makes more sense to use an independent background checker, especially when hiring for an important role. QLD Covert Investigations are suitably distant from your daily business to interpret the facts without fear or favour. We are also quick and efficient since we do this all the time.

Please call 1300 553 788 during business hours if you would like to explore this option further. You will find the price reasonable, especially when compared to the cost to company if you did the background checks yourself.

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