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DNA Profiling – How Semen, Saliva, Blood and Fertility Checks Help

DNA is the biological footprint contained in our cells. Understanding how this works would fill many blogs, so let us just assume for now that every DNA profile is unique (although there is a statistically irrelevant possibility that two might coincide. The courts consider this unlikely and accept DNA samples as a mark of the person who left them.

A variety of situations may indicate DNA Profiling. The simplest might be a woman who wants to know how much time she has left to bear a child. In other instances, an accused person might need to prove they were not present at a crime scene, or a dead or injured person need identifying. Finally, a detective might have a DNA sample and want to link it to a suspect.

DNA Profiling Process

The process follows the same logic as fingerprint testing that begins with a characteristic mark and ends with a match. DNA profiling starts with obtaining a reference point from samples drawn from semen, saliva, blood or any other body part related to the circumstances. These go to a testing laboratory where a variety of analytic techniques is available.

There are several ways to obtain the corresponding match. Assuming the target is hoping to prove their innocence of a crime, or parenthood of a child they will allow the laboratory to take the sample voluntarily. If, however, they do not wish the outcome of the comparison to corner then them, in our experience it is usually necessary to obtain a court order requiring convincing reasons to do the test.

Family Relationship Analysis

DNA profile comparisons often help prove bloodlines and family trees. Remember the English king buried under the car park whose identity was self-evident after a DNA comparison with a descendent in America. Many Australians are keen to trace their bloodline back to Europe. Sometimes they want to prove their right to an inheritance, or the other parent of their child. At other times, they are just curious to know more about their roots.

We Have Had Numerous Successes

QLD Covert Investigations has used DNA profiling to solve paternity, infidelity, missing person, and business fraud cases. To learn more about how we could resolve a pressing problem using DNA Profiling, please the leading private investigators on 1300 553 788, or send a message after clicking here.

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