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Missing Person Investigations – Finding Lost Family and Friends

There is nothing more traumatic than finding the far side of the bed empty in the morning when you wake, or the cradle unoccupied when you go to feed the baby late at night. Panic steps in, followed by a hollow feeling in your stomach and then a numbness sweeps over you. While it is tempting to deny the situation in the hope that it comes right, the reality is the sooner you follow up the better when it comes to missing person investigations.

Not all Missing Person Investigations Start with Trauma

On other occasions, folk simply drift apart. Family disagreements linger, and it can be decades before a child or parent decides to re-establish contact. School pals and bosom friends lose contact with each other as they pass through life’s phases. Some even move to distant countries – and there are more than two hundred of them to work through, give or take the odd border dispute.

Missing Person Investigations for the Elderly

Parents with dementia fade before our eyes and often we cannot – or will not admit to signs their minds are shutting down. They have a habit of wandering off in search of the past because that is all that they can remember. They are vulnerable out there when it gets cold and dark, and they cannot care for themselves.

The message of this post is a simple one. If someone goes missing for whatever reason they may have, is it is essential to commission a missing persons investigation right away while the trail is still warm. This does not have to be by QLD Covert Investigations although we are keen to help. The key thought is you must do something now.

If You Have a Missing Person, We Should Form a Team

It is a good idea to put signs up at shops and bus stops, tell the media and tell your friends, and you should do it. The more eyes you have out there the better and these things may succeed. In parallel, might we suggest you contact us or call 1300 553 788

We have the experience and resources to complete a successful missing persons investigation. We are on your side and we want to help.

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