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Are Background Checks Really Necessary?

Most of the time background checks are not, because the vast majority of Australians are honest people. The problem lies with the other few, who can be adept at covering up. This makes detecting them on your own initiative an uneven contest – except of course when you have a tried-and-trusted private detective in attendance. Let us consider some of the risks you may be facing. Read more here

A New Business Associate Who is Less than Open

Many people have made past mistakes they like to cover over. Some of these are honest ones as they learned the ways of commerce. Some were duped and lost their assets. Others have civil and criminal court records they know that professional background checks will find.

The problem the average businessperson faces when trying to fill the gaps, is discerning which of these three scenarios applies. If the other party was a victim, our natural reticence causes us to want to back off. There is only one way out of the dilemma, and the solutions lies with us.

A Personal Angle on New Relationships

Chaucer coined the term ‘For loue is blynd alday and may nat see’ in 1405, and Shakespeare followed up with ‘But love is blind and lovers cannot see’ in 1596. Since then, lovers have struggled to discern the truth about their better other, and there is no more fertile ground for this than internet dating sites. Most times this is harmless fun and there have been successes. Unfortunately, dishonest people frequent them too.

We have had numerous requests to assist in cases like this. Sometimes the affected partner just wants to make sure. At other times, it is the parents or a sibling who is concerned. They all face the similar problem of a situation that is all but decided. They all have difficulty doing background checks on someone who already is a friend.

Background Checks – What We Do

QLD Covert Investigations takes the emotion out of the situation and examines it with impartial eyes. We have a network far beyond New South Wales and Queensland where we usually operate, and have associates in every corner of Australia and overseas.

If anybody can resolve your concerns one way or the other, then surely this is us. So put us to the test by emailing us or calling 1300 553 788 or clicking or clicking on the following link;

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