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Life is Short: Is Your Partner Having an Affair thru Ashley Madison?

If the dating website Ashley Madison had its way then there is always that possibility – although we honestly prefer that not to be the case. Infidelity is becoming as popular as rugby and cricket in Australia, with couples playing ‘footie’ under tables in every restaurant. Right now, countless thousands of Australian account holders are probably regretting theway they Ashley Madisoned so happily late one night when partner was asleep. Read more –

All was looking good for Ashley and her friends who use the slogan “Life is Short. Have an Affair”. That was until a group of hackers named The Impact Team popped by, hacked the database and purloined the details of the 33 million pairs of itchy feet including their email addresses, names, home addresses, sexual fantasies and credit card information.

When Ashley Madison staff logged on the next morning they were confronted with a cheeky greeting to the sound of AC/DC’s pop group’s song “Thunderstruck” that contains the refrain, “you’ve been thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Pride goes before a fall. In this case, there was a pair of them. Firstly, the website owners thought their website defences were immune to cyber-attack, which they clearly were not. Chances are there were warning signs in the days leading up to the event that they missed, because they thought they were smarter than the U.S. Government.

The second lapse was by their users. Those that bothered may have read the advisory “To safeguard the confidentiality and security of your PII, we use industry standard practices and technologies including but not limited to “firewalls”, encrypted transmission via SSL and strong data encryption of sensitive personal and/or financial information,” but failed to spot the lack of any guarantee.

If you think your partner might be having an affair initiated on, or over Ashley Madison please give us a shout, and we’ll run a test without leaving a shadow on your computer database. If they come up hot with alarm bells sounding, we will be delighted to entertain your request for further investigation or  click here for more information on infidelity investigations. You can also call 1300 553 788 any time.

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