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Is Your Privacy Being Overlooked? You Need Bug Sweeping (TSCM)

Our homes – and our offices to an extent – are our castles where we feel safe to share ideas and dream. Violation of personal space used to be unthinkable, yet with electronic surveillance devices has become reality. What was once the exclusive territory of top-edge security services is now common knowledge on the internet. See this post on EBay to learn more about the threat that only bug sweeping can counter.  To get quality service, checkout our site here

Origin of the Term ‘Bug’

Bug sweeping is a generic term for neutralising eavesdropping electronic devices. Journalists borrowed it from the obnoxious insect that hides beneath a leaf, pierces it and sucks the juice out. Hence ‘bugging’ is concealing a miniature microphone or other data detecting device in a computer, telephone, or room in order to monitor or record someone’s conversations.

How Bug Sweeping Works

Most electronic bugs emit some form of electronic radiation, which can be detected and traced with a device seeking out radio emissions. This must happen regularly because some bugs rapidly switch frequencies and can be turned on and off by remote commands. This makes the simple devices available through amateur electrical magazines and on the internet inadequate for the task.

I Have Heard About TSCM. Is This the Same?

‘TSCM’ is an American military abbreviation for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures. These include bug sweeping so it boils down to the same thing – although it also includes taking active measures to prevent the placing of covert devices in the first place, through scanning at access control points.

When is Bug Sweeping Indicated?

We recommend a sweep throughout your business premises or home if you suspect someone is spying on you, or there is a likelihood that someone may. On the domestic front, this is usually by a jealous partner. However, it can also be a business competitor after your trade secrets, and hoping to pick them up from a casual conversation.

Favourite places to bug business premises are the chief executive’s office, the conference room, the computer room and the telephone exchange. If you need bug sweeping Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast then we recommend you contact us right away at 1300 553 788 to learn more about our effective bug sweeping service, or send an email message to us.

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QLD Covert Investigations has solid bug sweeping experience and we constantly upgrade our equipment to the highest standard. We strongly recommend you put any concerns to bed and have peace of mind.

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