Insurance Investigation – Reducing Your Liability and Claim
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Insurance Investigation – Reducing Your Liability and Claim

To win a lawsuit against you, a claimant must prove you failed in an obligation towards them. In broad terms, this can include an omission to perform a duty, or to respect the rights of a third party. Every business must make a reasonable effort to provide a safe environment for customers and staff. When there is an accident, most of us are inclined to hand the problem to the insurer without doing our own insurance investigation first, and ask them to settle urgently.

Setting the possibility of a fraudulent claim aside for the moment, not trying harder to challenge a claim can unnecessarily dent your insurance record with long-term financial consequences. The publicity about your company seemingly failing to take due care can also harm your brand, especially if it becomes associated with an apparently uncaring act.

The Alternative – An Independent Insurance Investigation

An injury or death at your place of business is a traumatic matter. Our naturally caring nature makes us want to compensate as soon as possible, and we can easily cast business prudence to the wind in our haste to close the case. However, it remains imperative to confirm the claimant is actually due compensation through failure to make that reasonable effort. In the past, we have succeeded in disputing claims with hard evidence, and reducing liabilities considerably through painstaking insurance investigation.

Peering Past the Alibis and Finding Out What Really Happened

Australia’s health and safety laws place a duty on business owners and employers to ensure their premises are safe. The generally accepted practice is to build safe, put an information system in place, and conduct regular inspections. This is normally through safety committees with overall responsibility resting with the chief executive.

An independent insurance investigation is a reliable, quick and independent way to determine to what extent the following was in place at the time of the incident, and if not who is accountable for the oversight:

  • Service records proving maintenance on equipment to supplier standards
  • Testimony that warning signs of hazardous conditions were clearly visible
  • Proof of communication with customers and employees regarding risks
  • Independent professional evidence that these measures were sufficient

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Our insurance investigation specialists have many years’ experience, and are able to conduct assessments and root-cause incidents quickly and effectively. The first half hour consultation is free, after which they make detailed proposals. Call them on 1300 553 788, or drop them a line. Reduce your liability and claim.

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