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Infidelity Investigations – Last Resort or Sensible Precaution

Infidelity means ‘the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner’. Judging by media reports some Australians are guilty on both counts. In a broader sense, a business partner can also be undependable.  This raises the question of whether infidelity investigations should be pre-emptive tools, or ‘post mortems’ after the event.

In times gone by weddings were often arranged affairs. Parents hoped to enhance the fortunes of both families while ensuring a partnership that stuck like glue because society demanded it. This was also the norm with royals, who went to great lengths to ensure their dynasties endured. In rural African communities shamans still throw the bones after elders talk throughout the night. In Australia being in love – whatever that is – has become the deciding factor.

Information form the  Australian Institute of Family Studies AIFS suggests that while divorce was rare before World War II, it became more common later. There were few infidelity investigations in those days. It is however reasonable to assume that most broken marriages resulted from itching feet. The same report notes that pre-marital sharing has become common, although less and less of these arrangement result in marriage contracts per se.

We have seen a steady uptick in clients discreetly requesting background checks before they finally tie the knot. We find their motives similar to businesspeople. It is not that they suspect the other party of anything directly. They just want a second opinion before they finally commit. In many cases, our investigations confirm their thoughts.

Requests for infidelity investigations assume different proportions after relationships break down. In some instances, the aggrieved spouse desperately needs proving wrong. In others, it is a case of ‘hell hath no fury like’ and this is no longer the exclusive turf of the ‘fairer sex’.

We prefer to assume a neutral stance and probe quietly regardless of individual circumstances. What may appear to be an errant partner can also be a spouse with challenges at work, or perhaps seeking advice from a school pal before they reach a positive decision. Unfounded accusations can move things in the wrong direction. This is why we recommend that clients allow us to conduct a preliminary investigation first, so we can bottom out on the facts.

Our infidelity investigations begin with exploratory discussions. This helps us understand our client’s concerns, and equally importantly what they base them on. Following that we enter a phase of discreet surveillance, during which we meet regularly and exchange thoughts. In many instances, doubts prove unfounded. In other cases, we contract to investigate further. Our goal is to save marriages where we can.

If you are concerned your partner could be being unfaithful, do not let this tear you apart. Knowledge is power, and once you know the facts you can make the right decision. Call our shift operations manager on 1300 553 788 at any time you like. Qld Covert Investigations is standing by around the clock. We will be there and answer when you call.

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