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How Bug Sweeping TSCM Can Save You Money

The Australian security industry is as full of acronyms as the internet. We do not think using them is appropriate unless we provide an acronym alongside. TSCM (technical surveillance counter-measures) was originally an American government expression. Strip it of its official airs and graces and it means getting rid of electronic bugs.

There are as many different kinds of bugs as you can think of although these fall into two broad categories. The one type records what it eavesdrops for later retrieval. The other transmits the information live as a radio message, or down a telephone line or gprs connection. This can be electronic data, video or voice. If you have this problem it is pointless having a technician simply remove the bugs. If you do not prevent a repetition, that is precisely what will happen.

Bug Sweeping TSCM is only going to save you money if you employ a specialist who also knows how to set up systems that trigger alarms when someone tries to put the bugs back. That way, you remain a jump ahead of whoever is trying to harm your business. With effective surveillance, you may even be able to figure out who it is and press charges.

Qld Covert Investigations assumes you visited this blog because you have a bug concern already. We are not going to fill this page with boilerplate content that explains what Bug Sweeping TSCM is in detail. If you need to know more please drop us a line. We will be delighted to provide further information and tell you what we do.

Technical surveillance counter-measures help protect you from people wanting to steal your data, hack into your bank account, rob you of your customers and pinch your innovative ideas. This also happened in the pre-electronic era. The only difference is that real people – and perish the thought – trusted employees / partners – did the job personally and they still do.

Hence if you really want bug sweeping TSCM to save you money you also have to include direct surveillance of all the people who could steal your data, hack into your bank account, rob you of your customers and pinch your innovative ideas. We understand how awkward it feels to suspect people you like and trust. Unfortunately the better you get at what you do, the more likely someone else is going to get jealous.

To pull the threads together you can save money by implementing bug sweeping TSCM in your business, if and only if you get rid of all the devices and prevent the offender from replacing them. You must also take care of the insider threat within your own ranks, as this can be just as effective. If you choose to do nothing, then you could lose your business through a process of gradual attrition.

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