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Qld Covert Investigations Surveillance Choices

Surveillance – which in its broadest sense refers to the act of carefully watching someone or something especially in order to prevent or detect a crime – has come a long way since Sherlock Holmes looked for clues in London with a large magnifying glass as fog swirled round him. The private detective of the 21st Century has an array of modern equipment to turn to, although the requirement to observe carefully remains.

Life was simpler in that old detective’s days. There were no telephones to tap into and no computer databases to examine. When we think about it he probably had the finest magnifying glass he could lay his hands on, and that goes for the Queensland surveillance equipment Qld Covert Investigations sources with such care.

Our clients regularly use the information we provide to substantiate the cases they bring to court. We ensure our modern ‘magnifying glasses’ generate electronic information that we can save and forward on to clients. They include date / time stamped single lens reflex cameras and high definition video equipment. We also make a habit of recording conversations in case we need to look back.

This is still only raw data though. It requires processing in the carefully observant way we mentioned previously. For this to be effective, it needs the watchful eyes of the Qld Covert Investigations surveillance specialists we employ. A new broom fresh from college may sweep clean. However, our collective decades of experience know the corners where clues may lie forgotten.

We apply our surveillance tactics in every aspect of our business. Electronic bug sweeping is at the core of our technical surveillance counter-measures TSCM program, while we would not get far with our infidelity investigations without it. Sometimes these ‘hard’ methods are not appropriate though. When searching for missing children we often still rely on the tried and proven ‘softer’ method of quietly observing facial expressions and body language.

These Qld Covert Investigations surveillance skills do not come easily. Neither does the art of finding incriminating evidence deep in electronic data, and warning signs in the detailed background checks of future spouses, business partners and employees we conduct. These talents are particularly effective when it comes to finding missing children and reuniting them with their families. These victories along the way are what make our jobs worthwhile.

Although we operate primarily in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW, we also work with specialist associates in places like Toowoomba, Warwick, Mount Isa, Roma, Harvey Bay, Townsville, Cairns and Darwin that we call in when we need an extended task force. Like us, they are also in good standing with the Australian Institute of Private Detectives (AIPD) and the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL). We only work with the best, and so should you.

The Qld Covert Investigations operations centre is open right now, and promises to answer calls to 1300 553 788 promptly and efficiently. If you have a concern our Qld Covert Investigations surveillance service could help unravel, then you are also welcome to request a call back on our website. In either instance upto the first half hour we spend on the consultation with you is with our compliments.

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