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Don’t Speculate: Let Our Surveillance Get the Facts

Something caused you to read this post. Are you curious to know more about surveillance, or perhaps you are worried something is going on behind your back? Does your partner stay out late and find excuses not to come to bed. Maybe you are experiencing undue shrinkage in the stock room, or suspect your trade secrets are on your competitor’s desk. At times like these it is tempting to confront a suspect without firm evidence from surveillance, or hope to follow them around unobtrusively.

The Risks Attached to Personal Surveillance

If you are spotted – and the chances are you will be – then the guilty party could go to court, allege you are infringing on their privacy and request a judicial order preventing you from continuing. If the judge treats this as an urgent matter, you may not have enough time to prepare a counter argument. If they succeed, then you could find yourself in an acutely embarrassing position.

You are good at what you do, and we doubt we could compete with someone in your occupation. The same applies the other way around. We took twelve year to build our surveillance skills and knowledge base.  We hold full membership of the Australian Institute of Private Detectives AIPD and the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd ASIAL.

We have a wealth of resources through our subsidiary QLD Diamond Security and we are the best-positioned surveillance specialists in Queensland and New South Wales. You should consider engaging us on account of our superior investigative skills.

QLD Covert Investigations Surveillance Strategy

  • We leave nothing to chance. We use state-of art equipment to gather evidence in a legal, effective and timely manner using suitably disguised vehicles.
  • This empowers us to acquire evidence of deceitful activity such as infidelity, fraudulent insurance claims, and covert staff activities that assists your case.
  • We have a team of surveillance investigators poised to take on any situation whether this requires static, foot, mobile or sea surveillance, and provide comprehensive surveillance logs,

We can and are able to provide private surveillance investigators with skill sets and local knowledge to match your unique circumstances. If you have the need, we have the answers. If you have questions, we have the solutions. Call us right now at 1300 553 788 for effective surveillance results. QLD Covert Investigations is on standby to help you and we are here.

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